Museum Gherdëina

The Gherdeina Local Heritage Museum is situated right in the center of Ortisei and exhibits valuable collections related to the cultural and natural history of the Gardena Valley: precious sculptures and paintings of local artists of the last four centuries and a unique collection of ancient wooden toys of the area, spectacular minerals and fossils of plants and marine creatures testitying to the fascinating evolution and creation of the Dolomites as extensive coral reefs over 200 million years ago, as well as remarkable archaeological finds of the oldest human traces of the area. Two very extraordinary exhibits are the richly illuminated Lenten cloth of the Saint James’ Church above Ortisei (1620) and the very impressive original cruzifix of Seurasas (1932).

Winteropeningtimes 2016/17

01.12 - 23.12: Wednesday until Saturday, 14 - 18 pm

26.12 - 08.01: daily, 10 - 12 am & 2 - 6 pm
09.01. - 31.03: Tuesday until Friday, 2 - 6 pm
Closed: 24, 25, 31.12 and 01.01.2017

Admission prices:

Adults: € 5,50 (Val Gardena Active Partner)
Reduction for Val Gardena Active partner families: € 11,00